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Stephen Farley

Stephen Farley

Tucson, AZ


Steve Farley is a visionary, motivational, highly entrepreneurial leader who in addition to being an award-winning artist is also an Arizona State Senator, although he hopes you won't hold that against him. He is a professional photographer and public artist with a national reputation for his digital photography and community-building large-scale tile murals (see

Steve Farley took his first photograph with a Kodak Instamatic at the age of six. In the following decades he has traveled the world, finding engaging imagery everywhere, and bringing it back to you.

An investment in Steve Farley's artwork pays dividends as soon as it enters your life. His photographs capture the world in ways that will keep you engaged for years to come � you will always be finding something new.

Steve Farley creates his large-scale photographs by digitally collaging many zoomed-in images to increase detail and capture changing colors, movement, and angles. These are printed in archival inks on canvas, then finished with a gallery wrap so they are ready to hang on your walls.

Each artwork is large enough to fill a wall, and is limited to an edition of 40, with prices increasing as more pieces are sold, so don�t delay�buy today! The purchase you make today will be worth more tomorrow.

You can also use this website to purchase smaller gallery-wrapped canvases of Steve Farley�s travel photos and 1980s photos of rock stars.

If you would like alternate forms of printing, please feel free to purchase any size and substrate you like off this website.

Explore this gallery regularly, as Steve uploads more artwork every week. Enjoy!


Abbey Road Graffiti by Stephen Farley


Geology Triptych - One by Stephen Farley


Geology Triptych - Two by Stephen Farley


Geology Triptych - Three by Stephen Farley


Avalon Fog by Stephen Farley


Obama and Biden at 2008 Convention by Stephen Farley


Turkish gas by Stephen Farley


Page Gas by Stephen Farley


Tacna Gas by Stephen Farley


Coronado Fourth of July Parade by Stephen Farley


The Treasury of Petra Jordan by Stephen Farley


Palmyra Syria Valley of the Tombs by Stephen Farley